Frequently Asked Questions

I think something is eating my plant, what do I do?

You can bring in a specimen of the effected area and our team of horticulturists will identify the cause and supply a solution.

What type of guarantee is given with your plant material?

Click here to read our Plant Guarantee.

How do you plant a tree or shrub?

Soil is the most important factor in a plant’s growth. Ideally, it should be neutral, or slightly acidic, and should contain a good amount of organic matter such as peat moss. Peat is an organic matter that will increase aeration in heavy clay soil, and increase water retention in light, sandy soil. When planting, dig a hole just as deep and twice as wide as the root system. Then amend the soil with peat moss, back fill the hole, and tamp lightly with your foot. Finally, water your plant and keep it watered as needed.

How do I water my plant?

Water is an essential factor to newly planted trees and shrubs. When your plant is first installed, it should be watered thoroughly:

  • WEEKS 1 and 2 Every other day
  • WEEKS 3 and 4 Every 3rd day
  • WEEKS 5 and On Once a week until the end of the growing season

Examples for Thorough Watering:

  • 1-5 gallon plant material Medium water pressure for 30 seconds to 1 minute
  • 7-20 gallon plant material Medium water pressure for 2-3 minutes
  • 1"-2" caliper trees Medium water pressure for 5 minutes
  • 3"-6" caliper trees Medium water pressure for 8 minutes

If rainfall has reduced or increase be sure to water wisely. You may need to alter the watering schedule. NOTE: If your soil has completely dried, you will need to water slowly. Most of the water will run off. In this case, increase the watering time needed and trickle the water onto the soil.

The best rule of thumb for watering houseplants is placing your finger an inch into the soil. If the soil is dry then you should water.

Annuals require watering everyday for the first week and twice a week thereafter.

How can I solve my deer problem?

Unfortunately, there is no 100% solution for deer. We do carry deer resistant plants and a full line of deer deterrents.

What is the difference between an annual and perennial?

Annuals will bloom all summer long and die off at the end of the season. Perennials come back year after year.

How quickly can I get my bulk mulch, topsoil, and Earthmate?

At Bountiful Acres the average response time for bulk products is the same day or next.

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