Watering 101

Gardening is not an exact science and we never really know just what the weather will bring from season to season or even day to day. We are certain however, that the most common cause of plant loss is either a lack of water, or in some instances, overwatering.

Plants have different moisture needs when they are first planted than when they become well established; and the way you water nursery stock (trees and shrubs) will be nothing like watering annuals or perennials.

Nursery plants need to develop a deep root system to sustain the foliage and flowers they will produce for many years. Consequently, trees and shrubs should be deeply watered every few days when planted and then regularly throughout the first year until well established. Frequent shallow waterings causes roots to reach for surface water. The root system never develops well and that results in a failing plant.

Perennials and annuals have much more shallow roots and need more frequent water as they acclimate to your garden. With good care, perennials will eventually become quite self sufficient. Annuals on the other hand will need regular watering to support their new foliage growth and flower production throughout the season.

Please talk to one of our plant experts for tips on watering your plants. We cannot live without sufficient water and neither can your plants!

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