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Colorful Fall Foliage for Your Garden


Even though people are getting in their last set of vacations for the summer, here at Bountiful Acres, we can’t stop talking about Fall! Each season brings with it an entirely different feeling. Fall may be characterized by cooler weather, it also has the holidays, splashes of changing colors, and delicious hot meals that add a comforting warmth to it.

We believe that gardens should capture all the beautiful nuances of each season – the warmth, the color, and the comfort of gathering with loved ones.

So, we’ve put together a list of plants for you Fall lovers who want their outdoor space to truly showcase the splendor of the season!


  • Mums – A classic marker of Fall, mums serve as a beautiful and simplistic nod to autumn.
  • Ornamental Peppers – These gorgeous plants offer a rainbow of color and a source of nutrition!  
  • Ornamental Cabbage & Kale – Add shades of purple, green and cream to your garden with this tasty fall option. Also, they’re perfect ingredients to add to hearty soup recipes!


  • Anemone – Available in a variety of vibrant colors, anemones attract pollinators needed to keep your garden flourishing.  
  • Sedums – Usually grown as a groundcover, sedums provide a sea of color with their succulent leaves and star-shaped flowers.
  • Perennial Asters – These transition flowers showcase their color from late summer into the fall. Their daisy-like qualities offer a nod to summer but their color embraces the vibrancy of autumn.


  • Red Maple – Add life and color all year long with a showstopping crimson in the fall and red-tinted tips in the spring.
  • Sweet Spire – Offering a sweet fragrance, sweet spires are a great way to add whimsical foliage to your outdoor space.
  • Beauty Berry – The large shrub offers loads of dainty berries that attract birds in the winter and that you can use to make a scrumptious pie!

If you are anything like us, you’re ready for Fall and everything that comes with it. Make sure your garden is too!

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