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At Bountiful Acres, we work to provide the highest quality of products and healthiest plants available to our customers.  Plants are living organisms that can be effected by many variables, including soil conditions, care, handling, maintenance, weather, pests and/or nutrients.  Please contact us immediately if you have a concern about any products or services and we will work with you to find a solution.

Planting & Landscaping

All plant material supplied by Bountiful Acres is guaranteed for one year from the planting date for a one time replacement if all of the payments are made as stated in the contract.

If in the process of planting and excavation, we encounter large boulders, stumps, concrete, debris, excess water in the soil or other miscellaneous material that interferes with normal excavation, there will be an additional charge to the property owner at our current billing rate.

Bountiful Acres uses the PA/NJ one Call System to mark all utility and cable lines. All other non-utility line, invisible dog fencing, low voltage lighting wire, irrigation systems, or any other line or pipe, is the property owner’s responsibility to mark. Any unmarked line or pipe cut, not indicated by PA One Call System or the customer, shall be repaired and charged at Bountiful Acres current rate.

All photos taken of property, house and landscape installation become property of Bountiful Acres for the sole purpose of advertising our services on our Website, social media or printed media.


All of our Nursery Plant Material is guaranteed with receipt for one year from date of purchase. Customer must have a receipt to receive a new plant. This includes Nursery Material planted by Bountiful Acres or the purchaser.

Plants must be planted with amendments, such as bumper crop or peat moss. In order for guarantee to remain valid all plant material must be watered and properly maintained through the guarantee period. Problems with plant material must be reported to Bountiful Acres immediately.

Our tropical and houseplants are guaranteed for two weeks with the receipt.

Select Materials/Plants not guaranteed

The following items cannot be guaranteed, but our team will work with you to find replacements and care instructions:

- Annuals and perennials
- Discounted and/or sale material
- Replacement material
- Plants planted in year-round containers
- Southern Magnolias, Crepe Myrtles, Camellias, and Gardenias.
- Plant material eaten or vandalized by deer/wildlife
- Plant material that have mechanical damage

Have a concern?

Please contact us immediately if you have a question or concern about any products or services, so that we can work with you to find a solution.