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Looking for the perfect accent piece for your outdoor space or a unique gift for someone special?  We are continually on the lookout for timelessly elegant and well-crafted items to add to our collection through travel and research.  Our retail staff will be happy to help you find just what you’re looking for … or even a few surprises!

Home Décor

No matter your style, we are confident you will find something to bring your room together. From lighting and planters to metal sculptures and seasonal décor collections. There is always a new treasure to find in our Garden Center!

Holiday Decorating

This Holiday season, you can work with our designers to create a Winter Wonderland that will even make the elves jealous. Contact us for more details.

Patio Décor

Terracotta, stone and glazed pottery - planters are just the beginning. Find large utilitarian options such as arbors and furniture to unique accents including metal and stone sculptures or interactive ornamentation like windchimes and birdfeeders. Talk to our team about home delivery and set-up.

Gardening Supplies

Gardens can bring hours of enjoyment. Bountiful Acres has the tools, supplies and protective wear to make your experience stress-free. From soil, fertilizers and pest control to trowels, spades and pruning shears. We also have water-resistant gardening capes, slip-proof sloggers and several styles of gloves. Ask our team of gardening experts for advice on caring for your outdoor and indoor plants.


Each pot is as unique and beautiful as the garden it accents. This is why we have a combination of locally-crafted and imported pottery for you to select from. Our planters include ample drainage to keep plants healthy. Work with our gardening team to design custom planters that will bloom throughout the year.

Birds & Bees

Got your attention? These wonders of nature produce some of the sweetest things in life including locally-farmed honey and beeswax balms. Shop all-natural candles and soaps. Awaken to a symphony when you welcome your feathered friends with birdfeeders, hummingbird feeders and a wide variety of seeds. Ask our experts about plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Silk Flowers

Used in custom arrangements and wreaths, we pride ourselves on a high quality silk flower assortment. Silks can be mixed with live greens to add color. Work with our designers to create a masterpiece that will last with little to no maintenance.


As an official retailer of Kamado Joe Grills, we have everything you need for the perfect barbeque. Our inventory varies in grill size and heat source to match the unique needs of your space and taste. Stop in to see the full product line of grills.

Seasonal Gallery

Here is a snapshot of our Christmas Shop