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To plant a garden is to believe in the promise of tomorrow

Planting begins here

Our nursery is fully stocked with annual and perennial blooms as well as plants, shrubs and trees.  Work with one of our seasoned professionals to find the combinations that meet your needs.  Most trees and shrubs are grown on our hundred acre farm just down the road from the garden center.

Annual Flowers

From hanging planters to bedding plants, annual flowers add seasonal color to patios and yards. Our selection changes seasonally, so contact our nursery staff or come visit our greenhouse often to find the latest blooms.

Perennial Flowers

A well-planned garden will continuously change from season to season. Our experienced team can help you identify the flowers and plant varieties that will work for your outdoor space and soil conditions all year round.

Tropical Flowers

Exquisitely beautiful, vibrant in color, and reminiscent of soft sea breezes, tropical plants can brighten up any space. Perfect for patios, screened porches or indoor spaces. Did you know that several species can even thrive in Eastern Pennsylvania conditions? Work with our nursery team for care instructions and conditions to keep your tropicals healthy and beautiful.


There are many benefits to incorporating plants into your living space from oxygen production to stress relief. Whether you are looking for green, leafy vines or compact, easy care succulents, we can assist with identifying the houseplants that work for your space and lifestyle.

Trees & Shrubs

Whether you are working with our landscape design team or showing your backyard warrior side, Bountiful Acres can help you select the perfect trees and shrubs for your project.  Grown locally at the Bountiful Acres Farm - work with a consultant to "visit" your tree before it is replanted on your property.   And because we have more than 100,000 botanicals growing on our local farm right now, we are confident they will thrive on your property.

Premiere trees and shrubs for your outdoor space
The right trees along a fence will add shade
and will mature with your property
Moving large pines may be one of our favorite parts of the job
Ready to plant several mature trees as the centerpieces
of this landscape design project
Shade gardens add elegance, privacy and color to any property.
And they can attract butterflies with the right shrubs
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