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Lawn Care

Maintaining a stunning yard is more than just mowing. From fertilizing, weeding and seeding to aerating and pest control, Bountiful Acres offers a full complement of lawn care services ... oh, and we also mow and trim!

Pest Control

Pest control is crucial in safeguarding homes and businesses from the harmful effects of unwanted creatures. Utilizing various techniques, such as traps, baits, and pesticides, we aim to manage and protect your home and plants from pests like insects, termites, deer, and other wildlife. Effective pest control ensures a healthier and more comfortable living environment while preserving your garden and preventing disease transmission.

Weed Control

Let's be honest no one likes the process of weeding (okay except for us), but weed control is essential for maintaining the health and appearance of gardens, lawns, and agricultural fields. It involves the management and eradication of unwanted plants that compete with desired vegetation. Methods like hand-pulling, mulching, herbicides, and cultural practices help suppress weed growth, ensuring optimal plant growth, preventing crop yield losses, and preserving the aesthetic appeal of landscapes.