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Backyard Paradise: A Guide to Tropical Plants


There’s nothing like being surrounded by lush, colorful foliage while relaxing in a tropical paradise. Wishing you could bring a taste of this back home? At Bountiful Acres we have a selection of tropical plants, including Mandevilla, Bouganvillea, Cannas, Hibiscus, Angels Trumpet and more, to turn your own backyard into an oasis. Here are some tips for care to keep your tropicals thriving:  

Water & Sunlight

Tropical plants make a great addition to your patio pots or landscape. You can plant them in containers with holes for proper drainage or straight into the ground. These plants love the heat, so even during the height of summer when other plants may be extra-thirsty, tropicals can withstand the drought. Always check the soil, not the leaves, for moisture and only water when needed, as over-saturation can cause the plant to wither. While these plants enjoy a temperate climate, they are still susceptible to damage from the sun’s rays. For most tropical plants, bright, indirect light and protection from the sun’s most intense, mid-day rays is best.

Soil & Fertilizer

Jungle soil is loose and rich because tropicals don’t do as well when their roots stay wet, and soggy, poor-draining soil saps their health and beauty quickly. When planting at home be sure to use soil of similar construction. Tropical plants also need the essential nutrients from fertilizer just like your other plants. Feed your tropicals when planting and throughout the season at regular intervals. Along with the active ingredients nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium (NPK) which will promote growth, giving your plants iron and magnesium can help boost the rich colors. Talk with our garden experts before taking your plants home to determine which soil and fertilizer are healthiest for your blooms.

Keeping after Summer

Your patio tropicals can last year-round with the proper care and attention to changing weather conditions. Once the nightly temperature drops below 55 degrees start moving your plants to an indoor location. They still need proper sunlight so make sure they are positioned in a spot to absorb the natural light. It is also important to keep up with routine maintenance of deadheading and pruning while indoors. You can even clean the leaves of dust with a soft, slightly wet sponge or cloth.

Stop into Bountiful Acres for our full selection of tropical plants and everything you need to fill your backyard with a taste of paradise!

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