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Different Types of Gardens


Creating your Garden

Gardening is not only a way to beautify your home’s landscape, but an expression of creativity. With many botanical and decorative options to choose from, your garden does not have to fall into a specific category, and you can mix and match to best compliment your unique spaces. But to get you started we will be sharing 3 of the most common and easy to maintain types of gardens.

Container Garden

As you might suspect from the name, container gardening involves planting inside of some type of container. This can vary from pots to planters to even nontraditional methods of planting such as tires, bottles, or suitcases. A great benefit of these gardens is that they can grow in small spaces, inside, or outdoors, which means you can enjoy them all year long and are perfect for apartment living or colder climates. As long as you pick a prime location with plenty of sunlight and allow for proper drainage your plants should thrive. There are many options so feel free to let your creativity shine when designing your container garden!

Herb Garden

Growing your own herbs will ensure that you will have fresh ingredients to use in your cooking and bring a pop of seasoning to your dishes! Some of the most commonly grown herbs include basil, coriander, dill, sage, parsley, rosemary, mint, and fennel, to name a few.  Herb gardens are great for all levels of gardeners to start and maintain, but as with any garden, remember to research their specific needs before planting. These garden types are not only practical in their use but will also provide a lot of charm for your yard or outdoor spaces!

Perennial Garden

Perennials are plants that come back year after year and typically bloom in one particular season, either spring, summer, or fall. Compared to annuals, these flowers develop strong roots which keep them blooming in the long-term. When designing your perennial garden pre-planning is an important part of the process. Try arranging your plants while still potted until you find the best layout and location before digging. You can even combine early, mid, and late season bloomers to keep your garden bursting with color in a long-lasting display. With so many perennials to choose from in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures, there are limitless options for designing the perfect yearlong garden!

As you can see, there is no formula for what makes a garden beautiful. Your garden should be an expression of your personal creativity and there are many unique ways to accomplish that. But next time you are looking to spice up your planting pursuits consider one of these ideas!

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