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How Anyone Can Beat the Winter Blues


Feeling the post-holiday blues in your home? It’s the middle of winter and taking down our Christmas décor can be tough. After all, we spend so much time putting together the perfect Christmas display – the Christmas Tree, lights, sleigh bells, fresh pine, snowmen – that we don’t want to lose all the things that make our homes extra cozy during the holiday season!

However, going into the new year, you don’t have to let your home feel bare. There are plenty of other indoor plants, pottery, and décor to keep your home feeling warm and bright all year-round. Never cared for a houseplant before? Don’t worry! With a little help from our team at Bountiful Acres, we can find a houseplant that is the perfect fit for your home.

House Plant Recommendations:

Plant: Sansevieria (Snake Plant)

Care Level: Easy

We love to recommend snake plants for first-time plant owners!  These plants don’t require frequent watering and can live under a variety of different light conditions, making them perfect low-maintenance plants. If taken care of properly, snake plants can live for years and even help in purifying the air in your home!

Plant: Peace Lily

Care Level: Medium

If you’re ready for one step-above a snake plant, test out your skills by caring for a Peace Lily! These tropical plants enjoy humid environments, so misting and moderate soil-checking is necessary to avoid wilting leaves. Should you desire your peace lily to flower, make sure it is placed in an area that has access to lots of indirect sunlight.

Plant: Fiddle Leaf

Care Level: Hard

The Fiddle Leaf has become increasingly popular over the years, but not for its ease of care! These plants make lovely additions to homes but can be quite difficult to care for. High humidity and high light are important to the health of these plants, as well as keeping them away from cold air and dusty areas. Just as moving can be difficult for us, it’s difficult for Fiddle Leaf’s too! Pro Tip: They do not adjust well to changing environments, so make sure you pick a spot in your home where it has room to grow.

If you decide to start the year off with a new houseplant, we can’t wait to help you! To go with your purchase, be sure to check out our large selection of pottery to find a pot that matches your home design aesthetic.

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