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Is it Better to Buy Plants from a Garden Center?


Gardening is a rewarding process, but also takes significant time and nurturing. Your local garden experts at Bountiful take pride in the journey of growing seedlings to be healthy, mature plants. Plants purchased from your local nursery can save you time and frustration and chances are, they’ll live longer and look better – after all it’s what we do best.

If you’re frustrated with the process of gardening but still want beautiful blooms accenting your indoor and outdoor spaces 3 benefits of getting your plants from a garden center:

1.     Expert Staff to answer your questions – our team represents over 175 years of experience. We are intimately familiar with the Bucks County climate and soil conditions and can help you find plants that will thrive as well as offer helpful tips for keeping them healthy once you get home. A well-planned garden will continuously change from season to season. Our experienced team can help you identify the flowers and plant varieties that will work for your outdoor space and soil conditions all year round.

2.     Native Plants – By definition, native plant species are better acclimated to variations in weather within their region of origin. Access to these types of plants will help you build a well-adjusted, sustainable, and hardy landscape. As a local garden center, we have a range of locally grown trees, shrubs, and plants that can survive the changing Pennsylvania seasons. Locally sourced plants also reduce the risk of attracting foreign pests into your at-home landscape protecting the rest of your growing environment.

3.     Time & Care – by the time a plant is ready to leave our garden center and find its new home, it has been meticulously cared for, watered, and fed to ensure full, hardy growth. We ensure that from seed to bloom our plants receive top-notch care and are placed in the best conditions to promote health.

Pro Tip: Look at where the plants are growing in the store to decide where you should place them at home. Plants growing inside should stay inside, and plants in sunny areas need a sunny spot in your garden.

Spring is almost here and we can’t wait for you to stop in and see our new perennials, annuals, trees, and shrubs. Our staff is always available to answer questions regarding plant variety, and care, and even help design your custom planters. 

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