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Winter Gardening: Tips & Tricks


While the colder months limit how much we can do outside in our gardens, there are still some maintenance practices that can make the transition into Spring much easier. After all, the Groundhog did say that Spring will be coming to Bucks County before we know it, so you’ll want to make sure your garden is prepared. From removing your pond netting to deer control and pruning, taking care of your outdoor spaces year-round leads to less work and more enjoyment during the growing season. 

Here are some practical steps for maintaining your garden even during the Winter:

Bed Care:

Winter is a great time to clear out your beds and prepare them for new plants. Thick mats of leaves left over from the Fall will smother the lawn and promote fungal growth but cleaning them out now can help prevent this. Pulling out anything dead and cutting back shrubs and perennials are some other simple maintenance tasks that save you time once you’re ready to get growing again. Colder months are also a good time to start deer-proofing your garden. Applying deer control on a regular basis can prepare your garden to withstand unwanted visitors once your plants are blooming.

Tree Care:

In colder regions, this is the time of year when trees and shrubs have halted active growth and hunkered down for the cold weather. To make it easier for these plants to recover, prune while they are dormant. It is also a simpler task to prune deciduous plants in the winter while their foliage is gone because the true shape of the tree, bush, or shrub is easily determined. If you need any large tree work done/removal it is an excellent time to have this done while the ground is frozen as it reduces lawn damage when removing large limbs.

If you’ve got cabin fever and can’t wait to get back into the yard and care for your outdoor spaces, hopefully we’ve sparked some inspiration of projects to keep you occupied and lead to a successful growing season! Our experts are available at the garden center to help answer any questions and direct you on the best ways to handle your garden for a Doylestown winter.

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