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Answers to your Smoldering Mulch Questions


While it may not be as pleasant as blooms, the aroma of fresh mulch definitely signals the arrival of Springtime. Landscaping your garden, yard, or commercial spaces with mulch is not only the perfect backdrop to enhance your plant’s beauty, but it can also act as a protective layer. Mulch helps keep your plants safe and healthy year-round and provide a multitude of benefits for maintaining growth. 

When is the best time to mulch?  

As the ground begins to thaw and new plant life is sprouting is the perfect time to spread fresh mulch.

Pro Tip:  Put down protective layer before spreading the mulch.  This will keep pesky weeds at bay and slow down the evaporation of water from the soil, so you don’t have to water as often once the April showers turn into scorching summer days.

How much mulch do I use?

You will want a minimum 2-inch layer to maximize the benefits (or about 3 cubic yards per 50 square feet of space).   We do not recommend going any deeper than 3 inches or less than 2 inches as it is more likely to wash out leaving exposed ground.

Pro Tip:  Use a thicker layer around the base of trees and in the middle of beds and then taper it down as you reach the edges for a more professional look.

How do I know what kind of mulch to use?

There are several different types of mulch to choose from, including natural brown triple ground, and dyed black.  The color largely depends on your overall design scheme, but it is critical to source your mulch from a responsible garden center to avoid unhealthy debris and weeds.

Pro Tip:  Consider trying Nutri-Peat. This mulch is specifically designed to insulate the soil protecting against fungi and mold, while at the same time providing nutrients and beneficial microbes to your plants.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your mulch placement and design. The right mulch and landscaping for your home is up to your personal preference and should be a complement to your yard. Whether you buy it by the bag or use our bulk delivery service, it’s time to start filling those wheelbarrows and shovels to get the maximum benefit and give your yard a springtime refresh!

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