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Gifts that last long beyond Mother’s Day


Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high.” – William Goldman

As Mother’s Day approaches, we find ourselves thinking about all of the women whose strength, courage, humor and beauty have impacted our lives.   While cards, a day without cooking, and jewelry are lovely, here are a few other (possibly additional) gift ideas that will continue to remind them of how much they are loved and appreciated.

Rose Bushes – as varied and iconic as every woman, roses add color and depth to any landscape.  Popular and sustainable varieties for our region include the Queen Elizabeth Hybrid Tea, Don Juan Climbing Rose, and Miracle on the Hudson Shrub Rose.  Knock-Out roses are a low-maintenance favorite with double blooms and an overall height of up to four feet.  A continual reminder of your love, roses are fragrant and provide beautiful cut flowers.

Repeat Blooming Hydrangea – with their distinct perfumed aroma and full, rounded blooms, hydrangeas are popular around patios and outdoor spaces.  Using a slow-release fertilizer and keeping them well watered will encourage new pom-pom like flowers to cheer on these amazing ladies all summer long!

Hanging Baskets – the easiest way to add color to porches and porticos is with hanging baskets overflowing with bright, annual flowers like petunias, fushia and begonias.  Attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies, with proper watering, they will stay fresh long past Mother’s Day. 

New Pottery – Sometimes the beauty is not just in the blooms, but what holds them.  With our stunning pottery imported from Asia to select from, our planters offer ample drainage to keep plants healthy.  Pots will outlast flowers as a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Custom Planters – if you are like us, it’s hard to decide on just one perfect plant for the woman who has loved you through it all!  In that case, we recommend working with our design team to create a custom planter that includes a combination of plants, flowers and possibly herbs.  These mixed, mini gardens are especially popular for small spaces or to provide a pop of color where a full flower bed is not possible. 

What ever you decide is the perfect gift – don’t forget to connect with mom or the other women in your life on Sunday, May 9th!

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