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Decking your Halls with Holiday Décor

Holiday Decorating_Bountiful Acres

The Holidays are here! With Thanksgiving happening this week and Christmas quickly approaching we wanted to give you some décor inspiration that incorporates fresh flowers and foliage to elevate your celebrations from the front porch to the dining table. It’s time to pull out your inner Joanna Gaines because we’re planning on making this Holiday season a thing of beauty!

Check out our list for 4 ways to bring live flowers and foliage into your home during the Holidays:

Christmas Trees

Nothing beats the smell and presence of a live Christmas Tree! Picking your perfect evergreen can be a great experience for the whole family and our 100-acre farm leaves you with plenty of choices. Try experimenting with multiple trees and designs this season like all white, classic, or kid friendly. You can even replant the tree in your yard to enjoy for years to come after Christmas Day.


A Christmas swag is a statement piece that can be used in numerous places outside and around your home. Try adorning your banisters, mailbox, light posts, mantle, or tabletops. These pieces give you the freedom to add your own flair with flowers, lights, and pinecones and come in all sizes and orientations. We can make them as elaborate or as minimalistic as you want to best match your spaces!


For a more traditional touch of greenery the tried-and-true option is a wreath. This staple Holiday decoration greets guests at the door and reminds you of the Holiday spirit every time you come home. They can also be used on walls inside your home to compliment your other decorations. We have a high-quality silk flower assortment that can be mixed with live greens to add color and customize your wreaths.

Table Décor

It can be the table decoration theme that wows your guests. Use an assortment of tall, medium, and tea-sized white candles. Add artistic touches by floating tea candles in clear containers of water. If you want, include one accent color that you can incorporate in the napkins, platters, or runner. To bring in some plant-life use custom flower arrangements or poinsettias.

Whether you are a traditionalist or an edgy modernist, make this season of celebration your own. Stop into our store to get inspiration for décor ideas. Even if you are not hosting this year, a beautiful floral arrangement could be the perfect gift for the ones who are.

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