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Seasonal Tips: Fall


Transitioning from one season to the next is an opportunity to revitalize your landscape and prepare for the weather ahead. As we shift from Summer to Autumn, it is time to pull out your tired annuals. They have beautified your home all Spring and Summer, but it is time to make room for fall foliage including: fall cabbage, kale, mums and asters.

This is also a perfect time to plant nursery stock. Trees and shrubs will get a headstart at becoming established and can be planted until the beginning of December unless there is an early freeze.

Will the colors of fall fading and dropping off into dead leaves, it is critical to rake leaves away from your beds and select trees. This is especially important for the Dogwoods. Their leaves are known to harbor diseases that could potentially harm your plantings.

Lawns can be re-seeded until mid-October. Work with your garden center to identify the right seed and the care instructions to ensure it can withstand the winter and foragers to come up full and green as we transition back to Spring.

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