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Watering Guide: Trees & Shrubs

Trees Along Fence

Watering is an essential factor to newly planted trees and shrubs. When it is first installed, the plant should be watered thoroughly to allow it to acclimate to its new home. Following is a guideline for caring for your new additions.

WEEK 1: Every other day
WEEKS 2-4: Every 3rd day
WEEKS 4+: Once a week until the end of growing season

If rainfall has reduced or increased (or if there are water restrictions), use wisdom to adjust this schedule. When in doubt, dig into the soil along the side of the root ball and examine the soil. If it is dry, it needs to be watered more often. If it is wet – meaning the soil is sticking to the shovel or you see standing water), then cut back the watering frequency.


1-5 GALLON PLANT MATERIAL: Use full water pressure for 30-60 seconds
7-20 GALLON PLANT MATERIAL: Use full water pressure for 2-3 minutes
1-2 CALIPER TREES: Use full water pressure for 4 minutes
3-6 CALIPER TREES: Use full water pressure for 6 minutes

Please Note: If your soil has dried completely, you will need to water slowly otherwise most of the water will simply run off and your plant will not receive the nourishment it needs. If you have completely dry soil, reduce the water pressure to a trickle and triple the watering time to allow the water to be absorbed into the soil around the plant.


Many properties have micro-climates. These are areas of your garden that have an altered weather condition caused by changes in heat, sunlight and drainage. These areas can be warmer and you can plant shrubs that are borderline hardy to this zone. However, it also means that they tend to dry out faster.


Mulching helps retain water, so you could potentially water less often and it deters weeds from germinating. This can help you save money and time in the garden.

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