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Your Guide to Summer Grilling

Kamado Joe Classic III.  Masterbuilt® | Kamado Joe®, Columbus, GA.  Photo by John David Helms,

At Bountiful Acres, we are excited about all things grilling this summer! With becoming an official retailer of Kamado Joe grills there are so many recipes and techniques that we can’t wait to try. To enhance your summer menu here are some recipes, tips, and techniques to make you the grill master of the block.

Using Herbs:

One of the most exciting uses for homegrown herbs is making herb-based marinades for entree items, like meat and seafood dishes. It’s an opportunity to harvest from your garden and develop the flavor palettes of your dishes. Show off your garden in ways even the most dedicated meat-eater can appreciate by packing your grilled dishes with fresh flavor. Some staple herbs to have on hand are thyme, parsley, cilantro, chives, garlic, and basil, but check out the garden center to find what you need for your favorite recipe or a dish you can’t wait to try.

Tip: Put your meat in the fridge in a container for 4-6 hours prior to putting it on the grill to allow the herb flavor to deeply develop

Grilling Vegetables:

Hopefully by this time in the season you have more vegetables growing than you know what to do with. Incorporate them into your grilled meals by throwing them on the barbeque along with your protein. You can grill vegetables in packets on top of aluminum foil or skewer them.

Tip: Cut into rounds or small pieces for faster cooking.

Grilling Best Practices:

  • Start with a hot grill
  • Bring meat to room temperature before cooking
  • Don’t squeeze or flatten meats
  • Add sauce at the end to prevent burning
  • Clean in between each use

Check out these recipes for inspiration to get your grill on:

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