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Falling for Décor


Deck your stoops with lots of color fall-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!

Fall is here, and WE ARE EXCITED! Have you thought through your décor yet? If not, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some simple but beautiful must-have fall decorations to make your front door warm and inviting.

PUMPKINS – You can never go wrong with adding pumpkins to your entry way for some Fall fun! Whether you want to showcase your kids’ stellar carving skills or you are looking for a more sophisticated display, pumpkins are a great way to add that perfect touch of fall to your house. A few of our pumpkin favorites are jarrahdales, knuckleheads, crown princes, white pies, and baby boos.

CORN – One of the best fall décor options that often gets overlooked, is corn. If you are looking for a sizeable display that will leave an impression, add corn stalks to your stoop. They serve as the perfect backdrop to fall arrangements. If you want something a bit smaller, substitute the corn stalks for Indian corn bunches.

STRAW – A bale of straw is a wonderful way to make your decorations stand out! Adding to the size of the display, bales of straw offer a great base for the rest of your arrangement. Throw a small plaid blanket over it or keep bare and let the hay sing out Fall melodies for itself.

COLORFUL PLANTS – In our previous blog, we listed out some of our favorite fall plants that will add gorgeous color to your outdoor space. If you are looking to liven up your front door with fresh, inviting foliage, you can add mums, cabbage, kale or ornamental peppers to your décor. You’ll want to make sure the pots you use compliment your display. There’s a plethora of different kinds of pots that you can choose from in our store that will beautifully tie the entire look together.

WREATHS – Finally, you can’t go wrong with a wreath. Finish off your display with the perfect splash of fall décor on your door. You can work with our team to select from a variety of pre-made wreaths or have a custom display handcrafted just for you.

There are so many ways to showcase the beauty of fall in your home. Regardless of how you do it, just make sure that it’s you. So go grab a steaming cup of cider and let’s get ready to decorate for Fall!     

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